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ABOUT 11 employees from six councils have been dismissed by the Local Government Service Commission   for various offences including theft, dishonest conduct, absenteeism and gross negligence among others.

Commission chairperson Amos Musonda said the commission processed a total of 855 cases involving appointments, confirmation and promotions in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces.

Mr Musonda said out of the dismissed employees, two are from Isoka, two from Mansa , two  from Mbala , two from Samfya , one  from Mporokosa and another from Chilubi.

“The commission has dismissed 11 employees for misappropriation of funds, theft, negligence and absenteeism,” he said in a statement.

Mr Musonda urged principal officers ensure to be accountable in management of public finances and ensure value for money for service provision.

He said principal officers should also ensure that all outstanding queries in the auditor general’s report are addressed.

Mr Musonda said it was the responsibility of the ministry to ensure that prudent utilisation of resources in local authorities by regularly monitoring and evaluating the performance of local authorities.

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