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THE chances of Zambia being hit by the third wave of the Covid-19 are very high, the Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) has warned.

ZNPHI Director, Victor Mukonka, said the chances were high because of the cold season alongside the political campaign period for the August polls that were usually characterised by huge crowds.

Professor Mukonka however said there was need for all electoral stakeholders to see to it that all the health guidelines were observed.

“We are worried as health authorities about the political campaigns which come with huge crowds and a lot of movements.

“We need as a country to put our house in order and prepare for the battle which is ahead of us if we are to save many lives,” he said.

Prof Mukonka said there was urgent need for the country to prepare adequately for the third wave which could be lethal.

He warned that the third variant could be more dangerous than the previous two, stating that this could be evident through the damage that the second variant had caused.

The country, he said, was badly hit by the second wave because there was not adequate planning and preparation.

Prof Mukonka added that prevention and control of the virus was important at this stage so as to avoid many deaths especially among frontline workers who are devoting their time and energy to contain the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Prof Mukonka advised the public to take the Covi-19 vaccination seriously as it was the only solution to reducing the spread of the virus.

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