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BLOOMBERG has retracted its misleading article that operations at Konkola Deep Mine had been shut.

And Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has acknowledged a retraction by Bloomberg News over its misleading story published on May 5, 2021.

Bloomberg has published a retraction and also written to KCM informing the mining company, admitting that the news article did not meet its editorial standards and subsequently offered an apology for the misleading article.

KCM counselled journalists and media organisations to be factual in their reporting and always seek to clarify matters about the company to ensure balanced and professional reporting.

“Mining is such a sensitive industry and any misrepresentation of facts can cause serious financial harm because of the inter-twined nature of the industry, with varied interests emanating from banks, the global markets, employees, shareholders and other key stakeholders who religiously track events on mining for various reasons,” KCM said in a statement.

dictatorship in the opposition party said they are tired of being used as rubber stamps in the decisions being made by a few individuals in the National Management Committee (NMC).

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