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Dear Editor,
CONGRATULATIONS to Professor Nkandu Luo on her nomination as running mate of President Edgar Lungu. She has the requisite experience and qualifications for the job.

But her political life is also an example of “not giving up” in politics despite the losses and setbacks. You will recall that she contested and lost the Vice Presidency position of the FDD to Edith Nawakwi in 2006 but she never gave up on her aspirations.

Today, her dream of being Vice President is almost few months away from being realised. It has taken 15 years!

Lessons to young ones…that the journey may take longer than we wish…Similarly, President Lungu’s dream of being Member of Parliament for Chawama started in 2001 but only came to fruition in 2011 – 10 years later – but he never gave up on that dream when it failed twice.

In terms of experience, she has it all! She has seen both the winning and losing side of politics as well as running various ministries as full minister and deputy from the days of the MMD.

She first went into parliament in 1996 on the MMD ticket and served in following portfolios;

 1. Member of Parliament (Mandevu)

 2. Member of Parliament (Munali)

 3. Deputy Minister Health

 4. Minister of Health

 5. Minister of Transport and Communications

 6. Minister of Gender

7. Minister of Higher Education

8. Minister of Local Government and Housing

9. Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs



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