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Dear Editor,

TO every citizen of this country, stop depending only on the government or councils.  Stop saying “boma iyanganepo” be a boma yourself.

Arise and act, be a good and patriotic citizen of Zambia. Participate in community activities. Ask yourself, am I a good citizen of Zambia?  A good citizen will always participate in community activities. This is how you show you are a patriot and how you promote Zambia, build our community and country to make it beautiful and attractive.

Government or councils alone cannot achieve this noble cause. Arise, change the way we think or behave but do right.

Every Zambian citizen whether you are poor or rich, educated or not, you work or not, young or old we have to know that we have duties and responsibilities as citizens to do to our communities and the country.

Be patriotic and loyal to Zambia and promote its wellbeing. Love your community, country and be proud of Zambia, be proud of the community you live in and act in its best interests.


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