Dear Editor, 

VICE President Inonge Mutukwa Wina has decided not to be considered as running mate for President Edgar Lungu in this year’s general elections. She made her decision known last Sunday during a press briefing.

Ms. Wina, aged 80, became the country’s first female Vice President in 2015 when President Lungu appointed her. Her decision of opting not to be considered as a running mate is timely and welcome.

Leadership must change hands and what Ms. Wina has done is the right thing. She has played her part by contributing to the political landscape of the country.

Ms. Wina, who is a social worker by profession started her political career with her late husband Arthur Wina in the pre-independence era. She is the former Nalolo constituency Member of Parliament.

During her tenure of office as the Vice President, she exhibited exemplary qualities in discharging her duties. She ably answered questions in parliament during the Vice President’s Question and Answer session.

Ms. Wina is an inspiration to women who aspire for political office. And I would advise women seeking political office to emulate her if they are to succeed in their political careers.

One notable thing about Ms. Wina is that she will continue providing counsel to the current crop of politicians in the echelons of power and those in the opposition political parties. Ultimately, this will ensure shaping the political landscape of the country.

To crown it all, I wish Ms. Wina all the best in her future endeavours. She will forever remain a unifying factor and a great asset to the nation. As the adage goes: the best dancer leaves the dance arena when people are still clapping for her or him. Ms. Wina has done just that.



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