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The council is supposed to be the driver of development in a district, an independent mayoral candidate, Joostice Luputa has said.

In an interview, Mr Luputa observed that councils were supposed to be the driving force of development and hence his pledge to transform Chongwe council to match that standard.

He pointed out that the councils were currently a shadow of what they are supposed to be.

 He noted that local authorities were supposed to be the richest entities, but this was not the reality.

The local authority, he said, must be seen to be an initiator of change in the communities.

He bemoaned the poor service delivery as one area that had negatively affected the reputation of the local authorities.

Mr Luputa who is a former UPND member promised to transform Chongwe municipal council once he is voted into office. He said that the local authority was capable of raising enough revenue for the implementation of various projects if strategic planning was enhanced.

Another independent candidate Oscar Kaleye who is also a former PF Chongwe constituency chairman said that an independent mayor would still deliver according to expectation.

 He said that the local authority is made up of technocrats and councillors from different political parties and thus the question of him being ineffective was a misconception.

He said the council was not a political entity and as such an independent candidate was not a misfit.

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