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I WAS approached by almost all the opposition political parties to stand on their ticket but I turned them down because my conscience could not allow me to be against the government of President Edgar Lungu which I have worked for, says Zindaba Soko.

Mr Soko is standing as an Independent parliamentary candidate for Chipata Central constituency in the August 12 general elections.

He said despite going solo, he would rally behind the candidature of President Lungu who is not only President of the PF candidates but all Zambians, including the independents.

In an interview, Mr Soko who disclosed that he was approached by the opposition to stand on their tickets said he would remain loyal to the PF government which he once worked for.

“I was approached by so many political parties if not all, but you see, my loyalty is to the PF government which I worked for. My conscience  would not allow me to go into any opposition party. I would rather be an independent,” he said.

Mr Soko explained that he was motivated to stand as an independent candidate purely for the interest of the people of Chipata who are in dire need of development.

He said he wanted to be the bridge between the people of Chipata and government, as there was serious gaps in the way good government policies and agenda was handled in the past by the previous representatives.

“Yes of course I am standing as an independent but you see, President Lungu is the President for all even for those that are not members of any political party. My main aim is to develop Chipata and support the President’s vision. I want to position myself to drive a development agenda of government,” Mr Soko said

Mr Soko said he has a strong bond with the people of Chipata dating back even when he was Road Safety and Transport Agency chief executive officer.



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