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It has always been my dream to give back to a community I grew up in by serving in any capacity possible, Socialist Party Kapiri Mposhi aspiring candidate Paul Chilenga,has said.

Mr Chisenga said that  youth  unemployment, lack of clean and safe drinking water and insufficient schools and health facilities has continued affecting the people of Kapiri Mposhi constituency.

He said that he had intentions to stand in 2016 but he couldn’t juggle school and politics at the time as he was still at University and so he had to put his dream on hold.

The aspiring candidate observed that not enough infrastructure development around the Constituency is also another issue that has affected the Kapiri Mposhi constituency.

Mr Chisenga said he will work with the youth in creating small industrial hubs in food processing, environmental sustainable projects and promotion of arts as a means of survival.

On the issue of lack of clean and safe drinking water, he will work with organizations or partners to supplement the efforts of the government to help drill sufficient community water pumps.

“The type of leadership I am offering the people of Kapiri Mposhi Constituency is that of heavy community involvement with a master-servant relationship with the people being the master and me the servant at the service of the people where required without an excuse.

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