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By GRACE CHAILE LESOETSA                                                                                                     

A former employee of Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) Limited has petitioned the Lusaka High Court to wind up the institution on grounds that it has failed to pay him the benefits and its creditors.

Mr Gilbert Yumba of Kolota Village in Mansa stated that he entered into a contract of employment in 2001 and was entitled to receive remuneration, inter alia leave days.

He was entitled to leave days at the rate of two days per month.

He said that after termination of his contract, LRF failed to pay him money due to him and leave days as they fell due.

Thus Mr Yumba has asked the court to wind up the organisation and lawyer Lewis Mosho be appointed as Provisional Liquidator as he is an accredited insolvency practitioner and duly  competent. He said that the shareholders and directors of LRF being foreigners, there was a highly likelihood that the property of the institution could be disposed of before the matter is determined.



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