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I have G12 equivalent, says PF Lumezi candidate

LUMEZI constituency PF candidate Pilila Getrude Mwanza has maintained that she has a grade 12 certificate equivalent obtained in March 1977 bearing the names Pilila Mazombwe.

Ms Mwanza clarified that the name Mazombwe on her grade 12 equivalent belongs to her first husband, Obediah Mazombwe.
In this matter, independent candidate Munir Zulu has petitioned the Constitutional Court to declare null and void the nomination of Ms Mwanza on grounds that she does not possess a grade 12 certificate.
Mr Zulu in his petition claimed that Ms Mwanza failed to comply with the qualifications set out in article 70(1) (d) of the Constitution, which requires her to have obtained, as a minimum academic qualification, grade 12 certificate or its equivalent.

He said that despite Ms Mwanza not having complied with article 79(1)(d) of the Constitution, the Returning Officer declared her nomination for election as MP valid.
Mr Zulu wants a declaration that Ms Mwanza’s nomination for election as MP was null and void
He wants an order (of certiorari) that the petition be allowed, and Ms Mwanza’s nomination papers filed with the Returning Officer, be removed into the Concourt for purposes of quashing.
But Ms Mwanza in her affidavit in opposition said that her National Registration Card (NRC) bears the names Mwanza Pilila Getrude.
She attached ECZ letter dated April 6, this year which certified that she has the equivalent of a grade 12 certificate and an affidavit where she explained the different names on the documents to ECZ.

However, Mr Zulu argued that the affidavit submitted to court by Ms Mwanza fail short of what an equivalent to a grade 12 is in that it does not even show the subject st that she did as there is no transcript aiding the same.

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