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Zambia’s life prisoners to get two-week break

Kennedy Gondwe

BBC News, Lusaka

Creative showing Zambia’s flag and handcuffs.
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Inmates serving life sentences in Zambia will soon start enjoying a two-week break to visit their families if they are assessed to be “well behaved”.

A new law signed by President Edgar Lungu will give leave licences to chosen prisoners assessed as not posing a danger to the society.

Those who show remorse and stay away from crime will be freed, according to the Zambia commissioner general, Chisela Chileshe.

He, however, said inmates will only enjoy such privileges if the Zambia Correctional Service recommended them in writing to Mr Lungu.

“If they commit an offence, then their licence is revoked,” he said.

“The Commissioner General has the right to give an inmate time to go and attend to personal, family matters and this time is determined and granted by the Office of the Commissioner General depending on circumstances,” he added.

Some Zambians on Twitter have criticised the new law calling it a “holiday” for criminals.

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