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THE explanation given by the Electoral commission of Zambia that it will only publish information relating to nominated candidates’ assets after consolidation is not convincing and does not add up, Inter- Africa Governance Network (AFRINET) executive director, Maurice Malambo has said.

On Friday, ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager Patricia Luhanga said the Commission would only publish information relating to nominated candidates’ assets  after consolidation because the information was not ready.

Ms Luhanga also said ECZ would only publish personal information including assets declared by candidates once the court cases were disposed of.

But in an interview, Mr Malambo said the explanation given by the ECZ was not convincing because each and every candidate had submitted their papers.

“For us as AFRINET, I think the explanation given by ECZ is not adding up because what we know is that all the candidates submitted their assets lists together with their valid school papers.

“So let them tell us why they are not publishing them so that the public could scrutinize their leaders,” Mr Malambo said.

He insisted that it was important for ECZ to immediately publish declared assets by nominated candidates.

Mr Malambo said the information given to the ECZ by those aspiring for public office should not be kept secret.

“The declaration of assets by candidates is not for the ECZ but for the public therefore it should not be kept secret,” Mr Malambo said.

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