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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is the best option for the office of the President of Zambia, says long serving parliamentarian and political analyst Given Lubinda.

In an interview recorded live for Zambia National Broadcasting Television (ZNBC), Mr Lubinda said the best decision Zambians could make in the Augus 12t polls would be a re endorsement for President Lungu.

“He has a proven record of delivering development,” Mr Lubinda, a four-term parliamentarian for Lusaka’s Kabwata constituency said.

“I know what I am talking about because I have been in the opposition as a legislator and have also served other Presidents apart from Mr Lungu so I can safely place my entire weight behind his candidature.”

Responding to some tough questions from ZNBC top anchor Grevazio Zulu, Mr Lubinda encouraged Zambians to stick to a candidate who has “a record of practical delivery instead of experimenting with unknown candidates or candidates whose claim to firm is losing elections.”

Mr Lubinda who recently broke the Zambian political glass ceiling by standing down as a candidate in Kabwata at the peak of his popularity cautioned Zambians to stay in the lane they know.

“President Lungu has been on the right side of Zambians and improved the energy sector, added value to agriculture and perhaps has taken some of the most radical but progressive economic decisions under and very harsh circumstances such as the Covid epidemic,” said Mr Lubinda.

The veteran politician conversely asked Zambians to heed President Lungu´s call for “distancing” under the Covid cloud to avoid super spreader events such as rallies and do smart campaigns as Zambia braces for another Covid wave.

“President Lungu has taken a lead and avoided super spreading events such as huge rallies even at the peak of his popularity and stellar oratory skills to avoid sacrificing lives that could be lost at public political rallies,” said Mr Lubinda.

“He is a President who knows he can fill up a stadium with a 24-hour announcement but has instead chosen to fly below the radar,” said Mr Lubinda. “This is a mark of true leadership every political player must drive their campaign on. We don’t want a victory written in blood due to political selfishness.”

The Ministry of Health, Office of the Vice President Inonge Wina, including the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja have advised that public rallies that could lead to a needless loss of lives would not be allowed ahead of the August 12 polls.

“President Lungu takes the lives of Zambians much more seriously than a mere political victory,” said Mr Lubinda, “the developmental projects we promised and have delivered especially in infrastructure will speak for us.”

Mr Lubinda said as far as he is concerned, “President Lungu and the PF have already won and sealed this election by the time the polling stations close at 18:00hrs on August 12.”

A myriad of opposition parties and leaders are in the race for plot 1 which according to analysts is being led by President Lungu whom analysts say is a “sure front runner” for re-election.

President Lungu´s PF has been commended from within and outside for the massive infrastructure development, energy expansion and economic diversity.

Mr Lubinda made most of the comments on the side-lines of the Sunday Interview.

“It is very important for our good people of Zambia to always remember the good under President Lungu above political rhetoric from the tired opposition,” said Mr Lubinda.

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