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CHIEF Shikabeta of Rufunsa has assured traders conducting business in the gold area that they will not be displaced despite them having been paying royalties to Chief Chembe of Lwano.

The traders are conducting business in Kawombo area.

Chief Shikabeta was reacting to concerns raised by traders who were uncertain of the continuity of their businesses.

This follows a settlement of a boundary dispute between his chiefdom and Chief Chembe of Luano in Central Province.

Chief Shikabeta said that his chiefdom was a peaceful area and assured traders that anyone can settle freely without any victimisation.

He urged his subjects and the traders alike to embrace the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto and promote development.

The traditional leader was speaking during a meeting with the traders yesterday.

At the same meeting, Shikabeta Royal Establishment committee member, Philip Mutantika added that those that got farming land from Chief Chembe should continue staying on their plots.

Rufunsa District Commissioner Judith Chama said Government had resolved the boundary wrangles between chiefs Shikabeta and Chembe.

Ms Chama said that traders could either trade in Shikabeta or Chembe chiefdoms.

She said that Chief Shikabeta had given the traders free trading plots to construct structures and urged them to put up permanent structures that would add beauty to the area.

Meanwhile, one of the investors in the gold mining area, Infinity Mining Limited General Manager, Zaheer Patel said his company was committed to working with Government in creating jobs and enhancing development.

Mr Patel said the company would employ people not only from Rufunsa but the entire country contribute to the development of the area.

He pledged that he would put up schools, health posts, water system and a police post.

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