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Dear Editor,

ALLOW me to commend the team at the Ministry of Agriculture especially their team leader, the Permanent Secretary, Mr Songowayo Zyambo.

These people have really scored positives and we have seen the agriculture sector flourish like never before. Production of most cash crops has increased and farmers are happy.

Despite the economic changes that the country is grappling with, prices of agricultural products have remained stable because of the high production being experienced.

Mr Zyambo has done extremely well and this is what our agricultural sector needed. At the pace we are moving, we will soon see agriculture take over from mining.

Also, the former minister of Agriculture, Mr Michael Katambo can’t be forgotten because he was the one providing policy direction. Mr Katambo, you did a good job too.

With your support and guidance, the team at the Ministry of Agriculture performed exceptionally such that I cannot list the achievements one by one.



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