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Dear Editor,

SCRIPTURES always guide humans to maintain and safeguard wisdom, thinking faculties, liberalness, soundness of mind and sobriety.

As humans we are created in God’s image not necessarily that our personal appearance is similar to our Creator but that we have outstanding attributes like Love, Wisdom, Power and Justice.

In addition, we are created with five senses among them feelings, smelling, ability to taste, touching and seeing.

We also have intuitive powers and premonitions additional amazing virtues that helps us foresee situations. We are not created like animals that use instinctive powers although we can reflect on matters instinctively as well.

However, what we are observing now is a total contrast of UBUNTU. We are almost at the brink of losing humanity.

Instead of manifesting the attributes and outstanding qualities cited here, we have allowed selfishness, egotism, pride, pomposity, ambitiousness and wantonness to take precedent in pursuit of our personal accomplishments.

Especially politicians are the main culprits in this predicament. There is absolutely nothing good that can come out from a bitter heart. Similarly, whenever we allow anger, emotions and bitterness to engulf our thinking faculties, all decisions and inclinations would be wayward.

We are merely 70 days away from August 12, 2021 the enshrined day when elections will be held. The desire to win elections has dominated the agenda of some politicians to an extent that all their focus and attention is obscured.

The perception of some aggrieved politicians is so blurred and hazy to an extent of losing humanity.

We cannot have a situation where some people would rejoice seeing people dying in hospitals unattended to in the name of winning political sympathy. It is inhumane supporting the unethical manner and conduct of some medical doctors who opt going on strike leaving patients dying.

We can’t have a situation where some people get excited because of the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities without proper justifications.

At the same time we cannot tolerate the insincerity of rubbishing health guidelines of the ECZ and attribute it to be a political strategy by some competitors meant to thwart and shield others.

Similarly, we can’t afford reading about sarcasm and lack of regard to those in authority in the name of freedom of expression.

If God himself the source of life does not take delight in the death of a wicked person, is it not logical that we too must feel sorry whenever others are suffering?

As Movement for Promoting National Values and Principles (MPNVP), we will not compromise our principles and twist our values on the expense of political expediency.

We are an organisation that is politically neutral. Our allegiance and loyalty goes with our cultural norms, traditional values, humanity and virtues that enhance the wellbeing of others.

We are not men pleasers, bootlickers, surrogates and a “vuvuzela” civil society organisation bent on championing the cause of others.

We have our well defined constitution and profile of the organisation which guides us in everything we do. We will never divert our focus and outlook on matters simply because of the pending elections.

We have resolved never to go to bed and dine with some politicians on the expense of the injustices we vowed to defend. We can never be bought by anyone and moreover we are not for sale.

Once again, we wish to reiterate our standing and beliefs that none of the political parties has given us even a K100! We do not thrive on handouts from any political party.

We want to remain relevant to our fellow citizens even in the event that any other political party formed Government.

We challenge everyone including any political party that feel aggrieved of our role as a civil society organisation to come out and tell the general public about any claims they perceive.

However, we remain resolute and unrestricted in exposing any hypocrisy we see prevalent in the country.

We do not take sides with any political party but we will always support the noble cause of any government of the day in supplementing on its efforts.

We are here to make a difference in the lives of others through promotion of national values and principles. We will speak for the voiceless without fear and favuor. We will remain courageous, bold, aggressive, determined and in compromised in our resolve.

As we approach the general elections, we admonish all Zambians not to lose out our humanity and always think in terms of values and principles!


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