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By AARON CHIYANZO in Chifunabuli

POLITICAL leaders claiming that they can bring development overnight once voted into power are lying because it’s a process which requires concerted efforts, President Edgar Lungu has said.

President Lungu said the PF government had achieved so much because it had Incorporated all stakeholders in its development agenda.

He said people should not be cheated that they could bring development everywhere at once if voted into office.

President Lungu said this during a meeting with the   clergy at Lubwe Mission School in Chifunabuli yesterday.

He said the PF government was working closely with the church in its quest to develop all corners of the country.

President Lungu said ignoring the church was tantamount to ignoring the people.

President Lungu said citizens that government was striving to serve were part of the church.

He urged people to be patient as government rolled out development because it was a process.

“Those who are saying that they can bring development overnight are lying to the people,” he said.

President Lungu also asked to be voted back into power together with all PF candidates so that they could continue with the development agenda. He expressed disappointment that he was the only Presidential candidate who was preaching against political violence while others were mute on the subject.

“I have been solo in denouncing violence, why can’t others join me,” he said. And President Lungu also paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Mwewa, Chief Mwansakombe, Chief Chitembo, Chief Mbulu and Chief Bwalya Mponda of Chifunabuli.

He also directed the PF parliamentary candidate for Chifunabuli, Jullen Nyemba to work closely with traditional leaders so that she was conversant with the developmental needs of the area to be addressed by government.

Meanwhile, President Lungu earlier paid a courtesy call on traditional leaders in Lunga after touring Kasama-Lunga Market.

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