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THE use of violence has never achieved any development and is used by people who fall short of ideas to resolve an issue at hand.

Violence is actually an inherent characteristic in a person who struggles to reason and finds a breather through a vicious and emotional reaction.

That is why in many instances, violence is preceded by a barrage of insults!

Psychologists have concluded that a person who is violent by nature is not among the intelligent in a group or in any given society.

Thus is can be concluded that violent leaders and their cadres are certainly not knowledgeable and blurt out after failing to reason in tandem with societal norms.

In fact, people who perpetually involve in violence are said to have an ailment, which requires psychological or other forms of treatment.

It is important for Zambians, therefore, to be wary of people whot resort to violence in the political space.

They fail to reason!

Chris Hedges, an American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, put it aptly: “Violence is a disease, a disease that corrupts all who use it regardless of the cause.”

The police, therefore, should not hesitate to cart off such misfits from public circulation and let them have some jail time.

There is no room for violence in the political arena this year as the voters are only interested in campaigns of substance

Politicians must only expound topical issues that have a direct bearing on improving the welfare of citizens.

Citizens want to hear realistic strategies from political parties about job creation, empowerment schemes and infrastructure development, such as improved roads, hospitals, schools and clinics.

It is also true that citizens are highly expectant to hear about improved sectors of the economy, particularly agriculture, which is the largest employer.

Zambians are not interested in personal attacks and unfair character assassinations; accusations must be backed by incontestable proof.

Many politicians derive joy in scandalising opponents and promising the people issues that they would not even achieve.

Violent politicians must not smudge the political terrain because Zambians are very much eager to maintain peace.

Yes, Zambia has been known for many years to be a peaceful nation and all citizens must work hard to maintain this admirable record.

Countries that have drifted into conflict and insurgence have been left in ruins and Zambia cannot afford to get into a similar scenario.

Zambians are peaceful and they will at all cost maintain peace as they are aware that development can only take place in a peaceful country.

Estella Eliot, author and poet, once said: “Peace brings with it so many positive emotions that it is worth aiming for in all circumstances.”

Therefore, Zambians must maintain peace in all circumstances, even during campaigns and election period.

There is absolutely no need for Zambians to start maiming one another.

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