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Chasefu parley aspirant upbeat on polls
PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Chasefu parliamentary candidate Dr. Thomas Mtonga says people in the constituency have a chance to make a difference in Zambia by electing as member of parliament a person with a disability of visual impairment, which is total blindness.
In an interview yesterday after being unveiled at a meeting held at Kulamayembe village in Manda Hill ward, Dr. Mtonga said a blind person has never been elected before in Zambia’s history and people like former Lundazi MP Lazarous Tembo were just nominated to Parliament but he is contesting in a fight against people with eyes.
He said the Chasefu constituents will not a mistake by electing him.
Dr. Mtonga thanked God because people who sought adoption on PF ticket for the same seat have joined the campaign for him, saying this has given him comfort and relief except for one who has decided to go independent.
He said people of Chasefu would better vote for him because he has agreed with the PF that development should be taken to the area.
“It’s a new district but we can still develop it. The immediate thing I want to address is the road network because there’s no single tarmac in Chasefu, all roads are gravel and sometimes badly done. Chasefu is an agricultural district, meaning that people’s farm produce does not reach the market on time,” Dr. Mtonga said.
He said after working on the roads he and his team could look at farming inputs to boost people’s farming abilities.
He said he has outlined a plan to also address health and education because illiteracy levels in the area are too high as there are only five or six secondary schools.
Dr. Mtonga said coming from the education background himself he would not want to see such levels increasing.
Dr. Mtonga, 50, has four degrees and three diplomas in special education and international human rights law.
Among his students at University of Zambia is First Lady Esther Lungu who is studying special education. Dr. Mtonga said there is huge danger in the people of Chasefu voting for the opposition especially the UPND and they will have themselves to blame if they do that.
He said the UPND has no heart for Eastern province because the opposition party has done nothing in the region to show what it is capable of doing if voted into power.
He said even voting for an independent candidate will be a terrible mistake because such an MP will have nowhere to lobby for development. Former Water Development minister Raphael Nakacinda also addressed the meeting.


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