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THE Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has advised Government to tighten mechanism in an effort to ensure that confidential information is not leaked by civil servants, especially during the current election period.

ZCTU Secretary General Cosmas Mukuka, has observed the need to tighten mechanism and ensure that confidential information does not land in the hands of the public through civil servants.

“The best way forward is for Government to tighten supervisory mechanism to make sure that civil servants do not leak information to the outside otherwise it will paralyse the civil service.

“Government should put up a clear system because civil servants are controlled by the terms and conditions of public service, leaking of confidential information is one of the offences,” Mr Mukuka said in an interview.

He also cautioned civil servants to be nonpartisan during this election period because they are taken as leaders in society. Mr Mukuka said civil servants should instead be productive in their different fields.

“We expect them to be productive and produce results at their various places of work, going forward we expect commitment and civil servants who are not politically aligned,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mukuka said a large number of women have entered the labour market and as such called for their recognition and be given equal opportunities as men.

In his address during the official opening of a two day gender workshop for trade union leaders, Mr Mukuka said ZCTU has always encouraged the participation of women through putting them up in various positions.

“We have always encouraged the participation of women and this is confirmed by the increasing number of women who have taken up various leadership positions at ZCTU level and within our affiliates,” he said.
Regarding to suggestions of possible postponing of elections, Mr Mukuka said it is important to put all those suggestions in place.

“It is important to look at the health of the people first, that is making sure that people are safe and then everything else comes first,” Mr Mukuka said.

He has further advised institutions of social dialogue that are involved in the coordination of elections to submit safety measures.

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