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Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) should stop being secretive and immediately publicise the list of qualifications and declared asserts by candidates who will be taking part in the August 12 general election, a PF member Chris Changwereza has demanded.

He said the is no justifiable reason why the ECZ should delay to release and publish  the List of qualifications and asserts because the public has the right to know the qualification of those they will be electing to preside over their affairs at different levels.

“ECZ should not be secretive by hiding the qualifications and declared asserts of candidates because Zambians have the right to know if indeed the people they will be electing in August 12, meet the provisions of law at all levels,” said Mr Changwereza

“What if people are hiding assets outside the country. How will voters  know how to treat such individuals if  such information  is being hidden?” he said.

Mr Changwereza said it’s a requirement by  the Electoral act that any person desiring to be elected must have obtained minimum academic qualification of Grade 12 or its equivalent and also for those aspiring for the presidency and Member of Parliament are additionally required to declare their asserts and  liabilities as prescribed by both the Republican constitution and Electoral Process ACT.

“The constitution of Zambia and the Electoral ACT, are instructive that for one to qualify to be elected must satisfy the provisions of the law,” he said.

He said because of the advancements in technology, it was now easy for one to forge qualifications and cheat their way  to the ballot paper without being detected.

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