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Munali boys’ secondary school pupils have declared war against developers encroaching on   school land which former minister Bowman Lusambo had saved from alleged illegal developers.

The pupils have vowed to stop developers from grabbing the only remaining piece of land earmarked for expansion of the school.

Consequently the pupils have resolved to be burying any foundation dug in the land, which they deem to belong to the school.

A Daily Nation crew that visited the school, was given a tour of the controversial land by the determined pupils with shovels for backfilling the holes of house foundations.

 Speaking in an exclusive interview, the pupils said they will not let anyone illegally construct on the land that belongs to the school.

“Every morning we choose among ourselves the people to go and bury the foundation that has been dug by the constructors because we cannot allow anyone to build on that land, it belongs to the school and we will not allow anyone to take over,” said a pupil.

 What the developers are doing is illegal because that land is inside the school premises and it belongs to the school,” said the pupil.

The pupils also emphasized that they know that the land belongs to the school and no one is allowed to build on it, that is why in recent past, structures  built on the same land were demolished because they are not supposed to be there.

The Munali land issue is currently in court, but this has not stopped the pupils from protecting what they regard as their property.

They have been backfilling foundation holes for some months now.

When contacted for comment, school management  refused to comment saying the matter was in court.

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