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SCHEMES by the UPND Alliance and its cronies to tarnish the image of the country through lies will hit a snag because Zambians can see through their desperation for power, PF member of the central committee Stephen Kampyongo has said.

Mr. Kampyongo cautioned Zambians to watch out for power hungry politicians.

He was reacting to claims by UPND Alliance partner, Ernest Mwansa that PF is a brutal dictatorship clinging to power.

Mr Kampyongo however said propaganda by “rejected” politicians would not work.

“PF is a political party which was formed by a senior accomplished politician, the late Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, when it was formed it took over from the MMD government democratically and the only way PF can stay in power is through the people of Zambia,” said Mr Kampyongo.

He said in an interview that Dr Mwansa knows very well how the PF has grown incredibly through democracy and through the increasing number of representatives from the people.

“He should focus on his new party UPND which the people of Zambia have rejected more than five times. Today he can’t claim that the PF is a brutal dictatorship trying to cling on to power.  

“This team is trying to create an environment where they can justify a wrong, we know what they are scheming, they are busy lying everyday about their presidential candidate being shot at,” said Mr Kampyongo.

Mr Kampyongo said the UPND was trying to discredit institutions of governance including the Electoral Commission of Zambia but Zambians were very intelligent people and know what the PF government had achieved.

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