PATRIOTIC Front (PF) youths in Livingstone have expressed worry and fear with the levels of intimidation of its party sympathisers by UPND.

District youth chairman Eddie Chomba has charged that PF members were seemingly scared of conducting its door to door campaigns in the wards that are perceived to be UPND stronghold.

Mr Chomba wondered why UPND members have become aggressive in the politics they are using in the Tourist Capital.

Mr Chomba was speaking in a telephone interview said that so far, there has been a number of intimidating cases and violent incidences being perpetuated by the opposition and targeted at PF members.

“We have seen small pockets of violence here and there, threats on each other but that is not the essence of this year’s general elections,” he said.

“As PF, we have stood steadfast and told our members not to reiterate even when provoked, we know our colleagues from the UPND are propagating violence but we will not allow that to happen,” Mr Chomba said.

He said, Zambia belongs to all Zambians and therefore no one should intimidate anyone regardless of their political affiliation.

“This country belongs to all of us and if we want something to happen then we should put violence and intimidation out of sight, there is no place for such in this country,” he said.

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