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THE attacks on Patriotic Front (PF) members and sympathisers by suspected UPND cadres is a clear indication that the opposition party is a tribal and violent organisation which has now run out of ideas ahead of the August 12 elections,” a  member of the PF Copperbelt provincial media has said.

Mr Munalula Moola said the UPND leadership and its membership have run out of ideas and have since resorted to tribalism and violence to intimidate the supporters and sympathisers of the ruling party .

Mr Moola was reacting to media reports where PF supporters in the UPND perceived stronghold Southern Province were now living in fear following spates of attacks on ruling party sympathisers perpetrated by opposition cadres

 Mr Moola said if the UPND leadership had good intentions  for this country, they would have concentrated on selling their manifesto and preaching peace ahead of the August 12 elections, but instead they have continued to exhibit bitterness and hatred through malice and propaganda. “If the UPND and its leadership know that they are popular, they would have been preaching peace ahead of the August 12 elections and selling their manifesto, but they have realised their chances of winning are slim because of their conduct.

“They don’t have a manifesto or any good message for Zambians, apart from propaganda and falsehoods. They don’t have any message and this is why they have resorted to attacking the PF members and sympathisers in the UPND strongholds,” Mr Moola said.

Mr Moola said if the UPND president Mr Hakainde Hichilema meant well even for his cadres, he would have taken the fight against Covid-19 seriously and would have been encouraging them to wear face masks. But instead of encouraging them to wear face-masks like he always does, he had chosen to expose them to Covid-19 as he uses them to pursue his political ambitions of becoming republican President so that he could satisfy his personal and business interests .

“Despite doubting the presence of Covid-19 and the figures from the Ministry of Health, Mr Hichilema always wears a face mask and the gloves while very few of his supporters wear face masks like he does.

z”So you can tell that he is a selfish person who wants to endanger the lives of other people’s children to gain political mileage. So even those who are following him must be careful ,” Mr Moola said

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