Construction of the Chiliabombwe District Hospital has neared completion with the facility expected to be ready in the next three months.

And State House Special Assistant for Projects Monitoring, Andrew  Chella says he is impressed with the progress and workmanship on the project by the local contractor, Jearmy Enterprises Limited.

Mr Chella notes that it is gratifying that local contractors are doing quality works as desired by government and ensuring timely completion of projects within the stipulated timeframes.

Speaking when he inspected the facility, Mr Chella said the construction of the state of the art health facility is a testimony of President Edgar Lungu’s commitment to  enhance universal health coverage.

“The construction of this hospital is just one of many other facilities across the country meant to realise President Lungu’s desire to take development to all, without leaving anyone behind” Mr Chellah emphasized.

Meanwhile, Mr Chella has urged other local contractors to show the same commitment when it comes to infrastructure development projects been done by the government.

He said the government expects local contractors to be committed to doing quality work in order to position themselves for even bigger projects.

Mr Chella, who undertook the inspection under strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, advised contractors to ensure all health guidelines are followed on sites of work in order to reduce new infections.

“We need to support the government’s effort to bring the pandemic under control by ensuring that we don’t compromise on the health guidelines even as we work on our various sites as contractors” Mr Chella emphasized.


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