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EASTERN Province has in the decade been at the centre of attention in the government’s unwavering efforts to deliver development.

While the development model has integrated a variety of sectors, the discussion shall highlight the progress that has been made in the health sector as it is the prerequisite for the rural community such as Eastern province.

 After assuming office President, Mr. Edgar Lungu carried on with his predecessor’s trajectory and development path in the health sector.

With President Lungu’s agenda for universal Health coverage, noone was to be left behind in accessing quality healthcare.

And to adequately equip the health sector, there was dual concentration to both infrastructure and human resource development by providing facilities for training of health professionals that would attend to citizens.

Nearly all the districts have received a fair share of the health posts with some newly constructed while others have been earmarked for upgrading.

So far, Vubwi District Hospital has been constructed and commissioned.

In Petauke, Kalindawalo General Hospital has been constructed and commissioned.  It has reduced the burden of the citizens to travel outside the district for specialised medical attention.

The Chipata Central Hospital to be commissioned is intended to be the medical hub for the province as it will host a number of specialised medical units.

In Lundazi, there is ongoing construction of Lundazi Hospital which will also ease the health challenges facing the people.

In Nyimba, the government has undertaken the construction of Nyimba District Hospital and during his tour of the province, President Lungu made a stop over to check on the progress.

The medical practitioners will have decent accommodation once the construction of 1×8 doctor’s flats at Nyanje Mission Hospital is completed.

Other projects includes;

 Construction of Theatre IPD and OPD for eye clinic.

Chiwawatala Rural Health Centre LC1 type.

Completion of Mlela Rural Health Centre LC1 type

Construction of Wazaza Health post.

Construction of Medical Stores Hub.

Construction of 57 prefabricated Health posts

With the highlighted projects, the PF will pride itself as having a number of “sontables” (sontapo) in the province. These are some of the developmental projects that President Lungu had travelled to inspect.



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