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BY Jackson Mapapayi

Kansanshi mine has rolled out a pilot project of constructing about 120 Loo loo toilets in Kapijimpanga chiefdom of Solwezi.

The 120 toilets will be constructed at a cost of K270,000.

Kansanshi mine public relations manager Godfrey Msiska said during the launch of the project at Chief Kapijimpanga’s palace that the faculties are modern ones that comes with a sitting pan, air vent and does not produce orduor.

Mr Msiska disclosed that the facility does not attract flies.

“The other good thing about these Loo loo toilets is that they are sustainable and they last long. They are also very safe to be used by children without worrying that they may fall into the pit,” he explained.

He mentioned that it is a pilot project which is likely to be rolled across the whole chiefdom if it successfully works out in the initial stage.

And Solwezi district water development officer Namafe Namafe said the project is a milestone as it is co tributing towards the achievement of the universal coverage for sanitation which is a government agenda.

Mr Namafe said government has initiated activities in relation to sanitation which has to do with community total led sanitation aimed at ensuring that there is open defecation free in chiefdoms.

He said this cannot be achieved by government but that it requires partnership from various stakeholders.

And with the rolling out of this project by Kansanshi mine, it is a clear demonstration of the public private partnership which government is encouraging,” he said.

Mr Namafe disclosed that according to statistics, the sanitation coverage for Solwezi is currently at 19 percent which he said is quite too low.

And Chief Kapijimpanga said the project has come at the right time when the country and the chiefdom in particular is grappling with the effects of Covid19.

Had said the rolling out of the project is a clear indication of the mining firm’s devotion to improving the leaving standards of the people.

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