THERE is nothing sensible that can come out of MacDonald Chipenzi who is a known fully-fledged UPND Cadre, New Congress Party President Peter Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda said it was disappointing that instead of discouraging violence, Mr Chipenzi was justifying the UPND violent behavior.

He was reacting to GEARS Initiative executive director MacDonald Chipenzi who said the UPND were within their right to attack the Patriotic Front members and marketers in Mandevu Constituency.

In justifying the UPND violent behavior, Mr Chipenzi said, “panga for panga of self defence, is what the UPND used is in line with the Constitution and section 17 of the penal code.”

Chipenzi is just a fully-fledged UPND Cadre

But Mr Chanda who lashed out at Mr Chipenzi said he has reduced his organization to a facade of the UPND.

“Its unfortunate that my brother Mcdonald Chipenzi could justify a criminal activity. Anyway, what do you expect from a known fully-fledged UPND sympathizer,” Mr Chanda said.

Meanwhile, PF parliamentary candidate Christopher Shakafuswa said Mandevu constituency remains a bedroom of the ruling party.

Speaking during a door to door campaign conducted in conjunction with   Lusaka Province youth chairman Daniel Kalembe, Mr Shakafuswa said the huge turnout of resident is a show of confidence and strength by the people of Mandevu.

Mr. Shakafuswa said victory for PF and President Lungu was guaranteed.

He said that Mandevu residents have castigated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for orchestrating violence during his road show recently.  And Mr  Kalembe condemned UPND for beating innocent people during their roadshow in Mandevu.

Mr. Kalembe said the peaceful campaigns conducted by the PF in Mandevu is a clear testimony of President Lungu’s peaceful nature.

He said even in the midst of violent campaigns by the opposition UPND, the PF will conduct peaceful and incident free campaigns.

The residents who turned up in numbers said they are agitated by the UPND violence in which people were brutally attacked and vehicles smashed.

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