ELECTORATES in Northern Province and other PF strongholds should vote en masse to ensure that UPND does not get a chance to form government and subject Zambians to abject poverty, a PF official Lemmy Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya observed that despite PF having the biggest support base in the country, most of the supporters do not vote.

He said in an interview that UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema ends up almost catching up to President Edgar Lungu because people of Southern province vote in masses.

Mr Bwalya said more than 90 percent registered voters in Southern province which was a UPND stronghold turn up to vote.

He said if over 90 percent of PF supporters in strongholds voted in an election, Mr Hichilema would be beaten with a wider margin.

Mr Bwalya urged PF supporters in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula province to vote in masses on August 12.

“Let’s show UPND that they can’t match   us. Our strongholds should vote in masses on August 12 so that UPND can see that they are nowhere near. This is even before we come to Lusaka, Eastern and other provinces,” he said.

And Mr Bwalya said President Lungu should be applauded for choosing Professor Nkandu Luo to be his running mate.

He said Professor Luo was a seasoned politician with a good reputation, befitting to hold that big office.

Mr Bwalya called on PF to campaign vigorously so that the country could enjoy the collaborated leadership of President Lungu and Prof Luo.

“I wish to state that, the appointment of Professor Luo has even caused instability in the opposition camps as it has added advantages to President Lungu winning the August elections with a landslide victory,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said the UPND was shaken and now engaging in violence because they were smelling defeat.

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