Dear Editor,

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has expressed concerns regarding the political happenings and if allowed to continue, he has intimated an option of using the executive authority conferred in him to arrest the situation.

We are of the view that the incidences of violence might be a coordinated trend choreographed by people with ulterior motives.

A careful observation of the happenings and particularly the apparently coordinated series of orchestrated political activities at the instigation of UPND suggests that they are desperate to get power at all costs.

It has become common that each time the disturbing images are posted on social media on some online platforms, the comment sections depicts the overzealous readers making inappropriate comparison with some countries.

Even the dismissed eligibility case could be one way of arm twisting President Lungu, raise dissent among the electorate and ultimately weaken his Presidency. We say so looking at the power hungry people using any possible mean to get rid of the President.

We have keenly followed the comments from the UPND aligned publicists and they have made reference to the happenings in Malawi could be replicated in Zambia.

It is clear that UPND intends to thrive on anarchy as a way of making it to the corridors of power.

On the other hand, we have a number of examples of countries where a political party acquired power using chaotic means and the end results has not translated into meaningful economic development.

It is the responsibility of those holding leadership in political parties to encourage their members to abide by the laws of the land. 

It is unfortunate that the UPND Presidential candidate could publicly incite lawlessness by urging his supporters to defy the institutions responsible for enforcing laws.

We therefore commend President Lungu for having consistently urged his supporters to exercise restraint and not put the law in their hands.

On the other hand, the violence is intended to discourage people from exercising their democratic right to make meaningful participation in politics.

There are also some schools of thought which suggest that Mr Hakainde Hichilema is laying grounds for post-election conflict and possibly push for a power sharing arrangement with President Lungu as his mandate is renewed for his second term.



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