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Unscrupulous people are selling used and discarded surgical face masks in Kitwe, as the country grapples with the rise in Covid-19 cases.

An investigation by the Daily Nation revealed that many young people were recycling discarded surgical face masks for resale.

Vendors are strategically targeting busy places that have a strict policy  of ‘no mask no entry’ because customers would have no choice but to buy.

This however, is against health guidelines which provide that face syrgicsl masks cannot be reused.

Instructions are clear that surgical masks only need to be used by one person for a certain period of time and are not supposed to be reused.

It is also clearly explained that once used, surgical masks must be disposed off in a prescribed manner as it is a hazardous material.

But the instructions have been falling on deaf ears as the case is with many vendors in the district in the name of earning money.

A discarded face mask carries viruses  which can easily be passed on to the person using it.

A Kitwe resident who noticed that the mask she was sold looked faded, complained that people will be infected through such illegal business practice unless authorities move in.

With this kind of mentality, it may be difficult to fight the pandemic and all efforts being made by health authorities and their cooperating partners would be in vain,”  Ms Dorothy Katongo said.

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