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Dear Editor,

SOME of the independent candidates for sure love President Edgar Lungu. I have seen how they have insisted on campaigning for the President in all their activities.

It is really a pity that they were not adopted by the Patriotic Front because this will divide votes. I am certain however that President Lungu will get maximum votes from such supporters for Emmanuel Jay Banda for Petauke Central Constituency and Zindaba Soko for Chipata Central Constituency. 

I want to implore the PF leadership to accept the independents and work with them because if they win, you will still need them. These are still your children and you speak the same language of pro-poor and working to improve the livelihood of people.

Don’t comfort yourselves claiming they are not a factor, they are a big factor and with a huge support base.

I remains a faithful party member.


Mwami border, Chipata.

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