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A VILLAGE headman in Sekute chiefdom of Kazungula District says most are not ready for the elections set for August 12 this year.

Hebert Kamwi says this is because there is very little information being disseminated to the people in rural areas.

He observed the need for voter education in rural areas because majority of the people are not aware of the candidates they will be voting for.

He told the Daily Nation in Livingstone that some villagers have no other means to get political news as some of them do not own Television (TV) or radio cassettes.

Headman Kamwi said, it is important that  people in rural areas know the candidates they will vote for and why they will choose to vote for them.

He has called on political parties and civil society organizations in the country to continue with voter education especially for the people in rural areas.

And Project Learners Support Zambia Livingstone District Coordinator, Nyambe Mutete said political parties and candidates belonging to those particular parties must take up the role to educate voters about the electoral process especially in rural areas.

Mr Mutete noted that voter education must also be rolled out to rural areas because that is where the larger community of people who do not have access to information of what is currently happening in the country’s electoral process.

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