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STATE House will be a breeding ground for corruption if Zambians vote for a disgruntled businessman as president, Citizens Democratic Party president Robert Mwanza has said.

Mr Mwanza said those wishing to be leaders of the country should lead a transparent life.

He said in an interview that Zambia’s national resources could not be entrusted in the hands of a person who had sealed deals with imperialists to take over Zambian mines.

Mr Mwanza said this in support of Socialist Party president, Fred Mmembe’s warning that voting for a disgruntled businessman would be risky.

“Vote for a man you have tried and tested not a businessman who wants to go into State House to plunder national resources,” he said.

And Dr M’membe said having a businessman as a President would work against the interest of the country.

“If you want to be a political leader and the richest person at the same time, there will be problems because you are controlling the resources of the country,” Dr M’membe said.

Dr M’membe said it was important for political leaders to move out of politics so that they do not rape the nation to enrich themselves.

He said Zambia’s First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda is being remembered as a person who lived a dignified life because he did not involve himself in stealing of public resources.

Dr M’membe said political leadership and business could not be combined as that would make State House a breeding ground for corruption.

“You can’t have a rat managing peanuts, it will be a disaster,” Dr M’membe said.

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