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EIGHTEEN bars have been closed and the liquor confiscated by the council in Kapiri Mposhi for failing to comply with the government’s directive to operate within stipulated hours on weekends to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The government has directed that bars, nightclubs, and casinos operate from Friday to Sunday from 18 hours to 22 hours while eating places have been instructed to operate on a take-away basis.

The local authority in a joint operation with state police conducted over the weekend found most bars flouting the Covid-19 preventive guidelines as they were open as early as 08:00 hours.

And council secretary, Isaac Zimba warned that the local authority would not hesitate to suspend the liquor licences for bar owners who would fail to comply with the government’s directive to run their business within the stipulated hours.  

Mr. Zimba said in a statement issued by the counci’sl public relations officer, Mr Chris Mulaliki that it was sad that people were defying the directive on preventing the spread of the deadly virus despite the district recording cases of Covid-19.

Mr. Zimba said the joint operations would continue to ensure that the bar owners comply with the directive by operating within the stipulated hours.

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