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KENNETH Moola, Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for Choma Central, says he is on course to win the election and issued a plea for national unity, even as UPND’s Cornelius Mweetwa claims ownership of the seat.

The only PF former councillor in Choma flipped the crucial battleground and he is determined to lead the people of Choma.

In an interview in Choma, Mr Moola said residents required a better, credible and responsible leader.

He said he has proved to be such a leader the people of Choma needed, unlike recycled candidates who had failed to deliver.

Mr Moola said that for a very long time, the people of Choma have had a representative who hardly understood their problems.

“In Choma, people have known me as a performer and I make a very good candidate to represent them. I was the only person that won as councillor on the ruling Patriotic Front ticket and I am a good leader and the ground is well for me,” he said.

Mr Moola said Mr Mweetwa from the UPND, had been serving for 10 years and he had not done anything tangible.

“People are no longer looking at a political party but an individual. People are promising to vote for me and President Edgar Lungu….so I am sure we are winning,” he declared.

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