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UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Kamfinsa parlimentary candidate Subeta Mutelo has cautioned UPND youths against retaliating even on the face of extreme provocation.

Ms Mutelo also warned that no member would be shielded if caught perpetrating violence.

She said political rivalry was not about physical fights but instead a competition of ideologies and what one intend to do for residents once given a chance to serve.

“Let us continue remaining calm and peaceful as a party no matter how we are provoked by our opponents. Let us show them that we are peaceful people.

“We will not gain anything in fighting each other because violence only breeds violence and a violent people can never take the country forward,” she said.

Ms Mutelo appealed to her fellow candidates to desist from using young people as tools of political violence.

She added that it was disheartening that most violent activities were happening when the country was mourning the true champion of peace and unity Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

She said it was embarrassing that some people that were seeking to serve in public office were undermining the efforts that brought about the peace the country was enjoying today by propagating violence.

Ms Mutelo urged her fellow candidates in Kamfinsa constituency and beyond to  preserve the peace that the founding father of the natio Dr Kenneth Kaunda fought for.

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