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THOSE who practise tribal and regional politics are the ones who get offended when they are reminded about their divisive politics, Patrotic Front (PF) Chililabombwe  District Chairman Fredrick Rontous Mwape has said.

Mr Mwape said it was not a secret that the UPND had been practising tribal and regional politics as evidenced from the various sentiments and  actions of the opposition  leadership.

He said it was not an offense for Chishimba kambwili and any other person to remind Zambians about the regional and tribal politics being perpetrated by one opposition political party.

Mr Mwape was reacting to the suspension of Mr Kambwili from all political campaigns by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Mr Mwape said the UPND leaders were offended by Mr Kambwili’s sentiments because they were truly a tribal party.

He said those who practice tribal and regional politics were easily offended when they were reminded about their divisive kind of politics.

Mr Mwape saidthe UPND should take an introspection about allegations of being tribal instead of being crybabies.

He said the UPND has always been labelled to be tribal because of its conduct against other tribes and so it should work hard to get rid if the tribal tag instead of emotionally charged.

“People like Dr Kambwili and others are not insane to remind Zambians about the Tonga tribalism. No, Tongas have been known to be tribal because of the way they treat other tribes. During the 2016 elections, non Tongas in some parts of southern province were harassed and victimised while others had to seek refuge  in police station after they heard that the PF has won.

“President Edgar Lungu had to plead with chiefs in other provinces not to respond to what was happening in southern province.  Now, with this conduct, why shouldn’t a normal person label Tongas to be tribal? The problem is that those who practice tribal and regional politics are the ones who feel very much offended when they are reminded of their evil, selfish and divisive actions, ” Mr Mwape said.

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