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UPND tribal tag self-imposed,says Namulambe


THE tribal tag that continually haunts the UPND is self-imposed owing to Hakainde Hichilema’s declaration that Southern province is a ‘no go’ areas for other tribes, former UPND chairperson for labour Gabriel Namulambe has said.

Mr Namulambe said the UPND gave itself the tribal tag when they pronounced that no other tribe would take up the mantle of running the party after the death of Anderson Mazoka.

He said in an interview that UPND leaders should not be hypocritical by attacking other political players for referring to them as a tribal party.

Mr Namulambe condemned the opposition party for trying to destabilise the country by portraying the PF as a violent and tribal party.

“The UPND should distance itself from video which is meant to incite the people to rise against the PF, it is trying the paint the image of the PF bad,” he said.

And Mr Namulambe said UPND had broken the Electoral Code of Conduct by inciting violence in the party.

He said the UPND action of producing an inciting video had the potential to cause havoc in the nation hence the need for the Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) to scrutinize the production of the video for possible action. “I feel that the ECZ should take action against the video said to be produced by the UPND because it’s such acts which have the potential to cause civil unrest in the nation,” Mr Namulambe said. He urged the UPND to declare self-defeat if they had no message for the people of Zambia instead of resorting to being alarmists

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