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PANDEMONIUM will take centre stage in Zambia in the unlikely event that there is regime change because the police have continued to treat high profile people who are suspects in deep criminality with kid gloves, the Zambian DNA has warned.

The Zambian DNA has advised the State to cleanse the police service of any infiltration.

Zambian DNA spokesperson, Spuki Mulemwa, said the laissez-faire manner in which law enforcement agencies were handling matters involving the opposition was worrying.

Mr Mulemwa wondered why the Hatembos’ abduction case and the murder of a PF member by UPND members in Western Province’s Nalikwanda constituency case were not being handled with the seriousness they deserved.

He warned that should there be regime change after the August polls, turmoil would be the order of the day in Zambia.

Mr Mulemwa urged the State to up its game and cleanse the police service of any infiltration.

“We say so because if those who have the mandate to protect citizens and arrest perpetrators of a crime take too long or do literally nothing to arrest. Why are the Hatembo siblings not yet found with all the machinery at the disposal of enforcement officers,” he said.

Mr Mulemwa also said known suspects who murdered an innocent citizen in cold blood in Nalikwanda would have been picked up if the police were not compromised.

“It’s for these reasons we are demanding for answers from the Police High Command on what has happened to the two high profile cases in question,” he said.

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