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THE UPND has been challenged to denounce their candidate for the Kafue chairmanship, Buumba Malambo for alleged tribalism.

Former Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo has challenged the opposition party to denounce Ms Malambo’s ranting in a video which has gone viral.

In the video, Ms Malambo was allegedly instructing all Tongas to vote for UPND.

Mr Lusambo in a Facebook post states that, “Buumba Malambo is a fresh graduate from UPND’s school of tribal politics.”

Mr Lusambo said no official from UPND would be bold enough to publicly rebuke Ms Malambo because everybody knows that she was going through a “standard rite of passage for all UPND members.”

Mr Lusambo said it was not surprising that a “fresh-faced” female politician had gone rogue with tribal politics because UPND was a party that was deep-rooted in tribalism.

Mr Lusambo said the survival of UPND was anchored on peddling tribal narratives in the Zambian political space.

“It was just a matter of time before Buumba uttered publicly what she harbours in her heart that Tongas should vote for a Tonga President,” he said.

Mr Lusambo however said leadership had nothing to do with tribe.

He said Ms Malambo was a danger not only to herself but to the future of Zambian politics.

“She should henceforth be restricted and completely banned from the campaign circuit before she causes chaos with her unguided big mouth,” Mr Lusambo said.

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