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HAKAINDE Hichilema’s campaign has been marred with fake promises which are unattainable, a PF official Lemmy Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya said challenged the UPND leader, Mr Hichilema to produce a plan on how he planned to transform the economy within a blink of an eye as he had been claiming.

He said in an interview that it was immoral to ‘lie’ to electorates just to secure a vote.

“HH should tell the nation how he plans to improve the kwacha within hours and transform the economy within a blink of an eye,” Mr Bwalya said.

Mr Bwalya said that Mr Hichilema should stop misleading the nation because the Zambian economy just like any other country in the world has been negatively affected by the Covid 19 virus.

He said that Mr Hichilema’s statement shows that the party had no message for the people of Zambia.

Mr Bwalya said that the Patriotic Front government under President Edgar Lungu was committed to ensuring that the economy of the country was improved.

He said that this could be seen when he unveiled the 2020-2023 economic recovery plan.

Mr Bwalya said the president’s programme is aimed at reviving the economy post-pandemic and comes as Zambia is in talks with the International Monetary Fund over a request for funding to carry out reforms.

“President Edgar Lungu unveiled a 2020-2023 economic recovery plan aimed at reviving the economy post-pandemic.

“So it is misleading for Mr Hichilema to allege that the country is living in a deficit government under President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front, “he said.

Mr Bwalya has warned the people of Zambia to be aware of leaders who promise them things that are impossible.

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