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SOCIALIST Party Isoka constituency candidate Juliet Nalwimba says she will prioritise women and youth empowerment through agriculture once elected.

Ms Nalwimba said women and youth empowerment could go a long way in fighting poverty and unemployment.

She said once propertly implemented, women and youth empowerment could create jobs and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

“Once voted into office, priority will be empowerment of women and youths through agriculture,” Ms Nalwimba said.

She said there was need to take advantage of the available vast and fertile land to support youths in Isoka and other areas.

“Agriculture has great potential to boost our country’s economic growth and empowering women and youths through farming can go a long in enhancing economic development,” she said.

Ms Nalwimba said the Socialist Party would continue with peaceful campaigns ahead of next month’s general elections.

She said the party believes in sharing ideologies and how they would contribute to improving people’s living standards once elected.

Ms Nalwimba said she was aware of various challenges people were facing and would work with relevant stakeholders in addressing them.

Ms Nalwimba said the Socialist Party’s vision for transforming Zambia through universal education and healthcare, along with the promotion of cooperative farming would work well in Isoka and Zambia in general.

She said the party was committed to eradicating illiteracy in 10 years and provide free and compulsory education to all Zambians up to Grade 12.

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