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The Choma Fast Track Court for Gender Based Violence has without remorse ordered a 38 years old man to pass through the High Court to get his not less than 15 years prison term for raping a 19 years old girl.

In this matter, Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri convicted Shy Mudenda for not just brutally inserting his un-sanitized fingers into the victim’s private parts but, also for repeatedly raping and beating her up like a rabid dog for attempting to resist his animalistic advances.

Particulars of the offence are that Mudenda on April 27, 2021 in Choma, his failure to control or contain his high libido pushed him to savagely force himself on a 19 years old woman without her consent.

The barbaric and lurid incidents happened on three occasions in the bush during a business trip.

When the matter came up for judgment before Court, Magistrate Phiri after analysing the evidence of all the state witnesses lined up by public prosecutor Catherine Sakala was convinced that Mudenda could not hold his insatiable appetite for sex and for that reason he raped the woman.

Despite Mudenda in his defense arguing that the two were in a relationship and each time they had sex it was consensual; Magistrate Phiri denied that piece of evidence and said the victim would not have reported him to the neighbour immediately they got to the village.

The Court in its findings further established that Mudenda took advantage of the 19 years old girl because they were just the two of them in the bush at that time.

Magistrate Phiri found Mudenda guilty of rape and committed to the High Court for sentencing after being convinced that the state had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

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