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GOVERNMENT should not abandon an inquiry on privatisation because citizens are still interested in knowing how state-owned assets were sold, Chief Mpepo has said.

Chief Mpepo said the matter should not die a natural death because Zambians needed to know why a hotel worth US$25 million was sold at USS$5 million.

He noted that the Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone would have benefitted Zambia immensely had it been sold at the market price.

Chief Mpepo said privatisation brought more harm than good and led many people to their premature deaths.

“Zambians still want to know why individuals who were mandated with disposing of the assets failed to declare interest as shareholders in the companies that benefitted from the transactions,” Chief Mpepo said.

He said the privatisation inquiry should be done because a lot of people were now victims of the fraudulent activities that might have taken place during the privatisation period.

Chief Mpepo said a commission of inquiry would also ensure that all those who could have fraudulently benefitted from the sale of state resources are brought to book.

The traditional leader said Zambians have been waiting for a long time and hoped that the matter has not died a natural death.

Last year, President Edgar Lungu assured citizens that following public outcry, a commission of inquiry on privatisation would be instituted.

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