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MULONGA Water and Sanitation Company has complained of the high rate of theft and vandalism on its water and sewer installations.

The affected installations are in Chingola, Chililabombwe and Mufulira Districts.

Company Sanitation Engineer Alex Musonda said the sad development was dangerous and affected the community’s well being.

Mr Musonda said such vices were retarding efforts by the firm to improve service delivery.

He regretted that the water and effluent was being discharged in wrong placed as a result of thefts and vandalism.

Mr Musonda said the problem was rampant in densely populated areas of the three districts especially in Chingola.

Mulonga and other water utility firms on the Copperbelt have for a long time been affected by thefts.

” Vandalism compromises facility and destroys service provision as the company is forced to replace the pipes at a high cost.

” It is unfortunate that some vandals use fires to vandalise the installations for reasons best known to themselves which is a very sad situation,” he said.

Mr Musonda attributed the high cases of thefts to lack of employment for the majority of the community members.


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