Kamanga is using ‘Micho’ as escape

Dear Editor,

HE decision by Andrew Kamanga to fire Chipolopolo coach “Micho” cannot pass without a comment. We find this decision as an act of blame shifting on the part of Mr Kamanga.
Firing “Micho” is cosmetic and will not help stop the rot at Football House. The mess is deep rooted and occassioned by Mr Kamanga’s poor leadership. We believe no coach can fix that mess until Mr Kamanga vacates Football House.

This can be best explained by the fact that Mr Kamanga has failed to fix the issue of the Chipolopolo coach going into five years of his stay at Football House.

The number of changes in that position have been unprecedented. Even just dealing with the position of Technical Director which is a FIFA requirement has been chaotic.

All this is due to the fact that Mr Kamanga cannot run anything related to football successfully. Records will show that anywhere Mr Kamanga has been close to a football pitch has ended up in dismal failure.

The act of scapegoating “Micho” in itself is a sign of poor leadership. How many coaches is Mr Kamanga going to blame for failing Zambian football?
And in all fairness, “Micho” came to Zambia with a decent record. He qualified Uganda to AFCON, a feat Mr Kamanga has failed to do.
Leadership is about taking responsibility and not passing the buck. Even at a family level, if the family is in a mess, the head of the house (father) takes responsibility.
As the football family, we need to get Mr Kamanga out of Football House now before he completely kills our beautiful game.


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