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FRED M’membe has no moral right to claim that Zambia has been badly governed under the PF.

FRED M’membe has no moral right to claim that Zambia has been badly governed under the PF reign because he has seen real suffering among his friends in some socialist states like Venezuela, Save Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) faction leader Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Mr Nakacinda said M’membe’s claims that living in Zambia was hell were clearly an intellectual lie, when more than 4.6 million people have fled Venezuela due to hyperinflation and shortages of food, water, and electricity, according to the latest figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

He said those who remained in the country faced a crumbling health system and shortages of basic necessities.

Mr Nakacinda said it was hypocritical for the Socialist Party leader, M’membe to insinuate that Zambia was in a bad state when countries he was promoting were living under worse conditions.

He said in an interview that Zambia was under threat of capture by dealers who have proven in the past that whatever they engaged in was not for the betterment of society but to enrich themselves.

Mr Nakacinda was reacting to sentiments by M’membe that it would be suicidal to vote back President Edgar Lungu into office on the pretext that he had given Zambia a bad name.

He however said having travelled to troubled countries like Venezuela which had been marred with food riots and real suffering, M’membe knew that Zambians were in good hands under President Lungu’s watch.

Mr Nakacinda said M’membe had no moral right to even talk about President Lungu because he had a lot of unexplained issues in the closet and was not being truthful.

“Zambia has allowed untrusty worthy people to take center stage in our politics, people who on moral grounds are not worthy of public office,” he said.

Mr Nakacinda said some political leaders still had unexplained loans on their heads and had not explained their tax evasion matters.

“Fred M’membe unfortunately cannot escape to be classified as one of those that should not even talk about wanting to be President,” he said.

Mr Nakacinda also said Mmembe knew very well that the Socialist agenda he was championing in Zambia had lamentably failed in countries he had interests in.

And PF Lusaka Province chairperson, Kennedy Kamba said some socialist countries in the world were really struggling economically and it does not make sense for M’membe to think that his weird ideologies can make Zambia “heaven on earth” and he knows the hellish conditions in those countries.

Mr Kamba said it would actually be suicidal for Zambians to start experimenting leadership with clueless opposition leaders like M’membe who is full of rhetoric with a foreign concept as a means of governance.

Mr Kamba said in an interview that the PF had been addressing real issues that affect Zambians while the opposition has been making political rhetoric statements that would never put food on the table or deliver the social needs of the people.

“The problem with our opposition including the relatively newly formed Socialist Party headed by M’membe is that they are not facing reality, they are not telling people the truth, they are busy promising ‘heaven on earth’ which they cannot deliver with their weird ideologies that cannot fit in our society,” Mr Kamba said.

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